Unmasking this (and that) blog

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I just want to make things clear. There are indeed two blogs. The first one is on Tumblr: thesugarjane.tumblr.com and the second is right here at thesugarjane.wordpress.com.

Both are mine, but after some time blogging I now understand how to distinguish between the two. The Tumblr is mostly things I see on Tumblr. There is a great company there too. The WordPress, however, is a lot more personal and intimate. I only do write my own posts there and this is what I really am and what I live for.

The cross-posting is set up from WordPress to Tumblr (but not the other way round) so all you see on WP will sooner or later appear at Tumblr tagged ‘personal’. Check this tag if you are up to a more serious content.

I do love Tumblr for the pace and visual part, but I also value WordPress for the easiness of commenting, which is free and open to anyone regardless of any registration. I do read all messages, comments and questions everywhere and do my best to respond. Feel free to get in touch.

Featured post

It was amazing

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The trip was indeed something. I have never had so much fun and such fantastic sex.

Anyway, I am back. Fine and happy. Thanks to all, who wrote me. No need to worry any more.

Now need to chill down before revealing too much. 🙂

Good news all of a sudden

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Dear all, I am sorry to say that, but I am off for the weekend. My lovely SD asked me to accompany him. And I agreed.

Sorry to let you know on such a short notice, but please do not worry. I am fine and enjoying this experience. See you soon. Need to pack my specialities now. 🙂

Please keep fingers crossed. I know I am doing a scary thing, but I hope it is going to be just fine.

All in

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There are times when lust overpowers me. This does not happen very often while I am with my SD, but a good thing is that there is also someone for my mind and body rather than for my wallet.

So yes, I do have a man for myself. He is not my soulmate, but he is damn good in sex. And what is more important we do expect the same from each other. Continue reading “All in”

Private corner


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There is something that I do keep well guarded from all possible intruders. However passionate he is and whatever our feelings are I still have my own corner where no men are allowed: my make-up table.

This is my private time and even my SDs are strongly advised (how smart they are to listen to that) to not disturb me there.

A reason for patience

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Whatever it seems, I am indeed tempted to take her out. I’ve never done it and I am not sure it is going to work, but so far the simple idea to have any further plans after she takes her stuff out of my mouth helps me to survive the execution.

Waiting time

I bet many of you have been there. Everything sorted and arranged, you are trying to do your best and to appear as a shining star, but… Nobody is there.

I am usually quite tolerant to people, but this is a rare case when I ignite on the spot. There are little things a man can do worse than being late. I can even forgive his failure in bed, but I do get crazy when he is late. Continue reading “Waiting time”

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