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I just want to make things clear. There are indeed two blogs. The first one is on Tumblr: thesugarjane.tumblr.com and the second is right here at thesugarjane.wordpress.com.

Both are mine, but after some time blogging I now understand how to distinguish between the two. The Tumblr is mostly things I see on Tumblr. There is a great company there too. The WordPress, however, is a lot more personal and intimate. I only do write my own posts there and this is what I really am and what I live for.

The cross-posting is set up from WordPress to Tumblr (but not the other way round) so all you see on WP will sooner or later appear at Tumblr tagged ‘personal’. Check this tag if you are up to a more serious content.

I do love Tumblr for the pace and visual part, but I also value WordPress for the easiness of commenting, which is free and open to anyone regardless of any registration. I do read all messages, comments and questions everywhere and do my best to respond. Feel free to get in touch.

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Classy vs sexy

Well, this is something I am sort of stuck with. Been on a date recently: all as planned, no surprises, but one thing at the end got me wondering if I am misunderstanding men. Or at least some of them.

We had a nice evening and it was this kind of date I like regardless of my sugaring. Great place, amazing wine, classy atmosphere… I knew where I am going so you can trust me, I was looking very appropriate. No flashing boobs, and no silly behavior. Daddy has to be proud of me.

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Image from classybro.com

Personally I do find it sexy and cool. Not very convenient perhaps, but who cares? Most of the kinky stuff we wear are not the most comfortable items anyway. I just got used to it.

The gloves should probably be long and tight. Definitely soft. I bet they are going to stay on longer than nearly any other item on me.

So I really am going to have a look for a pair. There are none at my possession yet so I am free to combine them with pretty much anything I can think of. Sounds any good?

Keyhole secrets

Image from vicomte-devalmont@tumblr

The photo above just brought some memories from my childhood. I always wanted to know where my parents hid the presents (and if I believed that the Christmas gifts are brought by Santa, I knew that most of other stuff is kept locally). I made a few attempts to find it out, but did not succeed. Got upset and then calmed down by thinking that I’d better have a surprise when it comes.

I had a similar option recently. To wait for a present or to try to reveal it before. And remembering that childish story I thought I should do the same. Continue reading “Keyhole secrets”

Sugar uncertainty 2

It has been quite an experience actually. Not yet sure whether to be proud or ashamed of it, but certainly something to remember.

I have seen many of the fancy pics around. And I always knew that these girls just show off. It is virtually impossible to wear all that. And I have been in their skin before. I have passed that stage when my bf (if you can call him so) needed to prove his masculinity and power by showing my boobs and ass around. So this is a perfectly well known state for me.

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PVC / Latex

Image from latexlair

However weird it may sound, but I do need an advice on PVC/Latex stuff. Is any of my friends into it?

PM me if you do not feel like exposing yourself here 🙂

Sliding garter belt

Am I out of the date? Is this how it is supposed to be? I always thought garter belt is supposed to stay on hips, that is the whole point of stockings being hold up by something that is not going to slide down.

I am dead serious here. I know about staged photos, but it is a little too much. Or there is something I am now aware of…

Isn’t it beautiful?

Image from orgasmicart@tumblr

Now I am serious. It is all staged and nothing to do with the real life. Yes. A million times so. But I do have a chance (and need) to go beyond the line. So why not.

It should probably take ages to set and will probably be itchy if not taken off properly, but who cares?

And this certainly needs to be a surprise. Unlike many cases when I agree what to wear or not, this is going to be a surprise.

My only concern so far is that it is too obvious a pointer at the back door. Or is it only my fear because of constant preparations?

Thigh highs

Image from pinterest

Well, if we are talking about absolute musts for me to feel comfortable, then there should be stockings and heels on the list. And among the latter the thigh highs are making me feel like nothing else.

Last time I wore thigh highs the date was nearly ruined. Daddy seemed to love them more than everything else so I felt his hand touching my knees a little more often than I would consider it reasonable.

Anyway, the date was fine. I can not say, the best I ever had, but definitely well worth the efforts to be nice and good-looking. I left home a little later in the morning than expected, but it was still something I will gladly repeat again when he asks me for it.

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