Unmasking this (and that) blog

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I just want to make things clear. There are indeed two blogs. The first one is on Tumblr: thesugarjane.tumblr.com and the second is right here at thesugarjane.wordpress.com.

Both are mine, but after some time blogging I now understand how to distinguish between the two. The Tumblr is mostly things I see on Tumblr. There is a great company there too. The WordPress, however, is a lot more personal and intimate. I only do write my own posts there and this is what I really am and what I live for.

The cross-posting is set up from WordPress to Tumblr (but not the other way round) so all you see on WP will sooner or later appear at Tumblr tagged ‘personal’. Check this tag if you are up to a more serious content.

I do love Tumblr for the pace and visual part, but I also value WordPress for the easiness of commenting, which is free and open to anyone regardless of any registration. I do read all messages, comments and questions everywhere and do my best to respond. Feel free to get in touch.

Featured post

Am I a fetishist?

Isn’t it gorgeous? Surely, a suitable dress is required, but isn’t it breathtaking even as a standalone object?

Despite the fact that I am not generally excited by the pointed tip, this is where it is just perfect. And the combination with shining steel these shoes are something to be desired.

I should have looked for something like that when a new pair was on offer. I have not. Next time then.

Off for a week

Image from londonhotels4u.com

Dear all, please do not run away. I am pretending to be a good girl and I am being sent away for a week. Nothing to do with my sugaring. Just doing stuff for work.

I promise to get back nice and happy. Just do not feel like revealing myself there. Let someone think I am a nice quiet girl.

Keep your emotions and save some pepper for my return.

Cheers and hugs. See you soon.

Sorry, but no

I know it is not a big deal. But under current circumstances I just can’t talk to him. I do get annoyed and stressed. I think it is better to let him go. I can’t even say ‘go for good’. I am not sure I wish him to meet that girl who will fulfil his dreams of staying at home and who will only prepare for her man.

I certainly do not see myself anywhere near that. So just bye.

Looking back

Didn’t I say that I love corsets?

I still think they are beautiful. Both with the dress to go out and with the lingerie to stay in. The latter sometimes may mean that I won’t be totally naked in bed, but this is a minor drawback (if at all).

There recently was yet another proof of proper men loving proper (and classy) things. There is someone, who doesn’t know about my attraction to corsets. Not that I make any secret of it – it just never came to the scope of our conversations. Having him nearby I do feel free and very easy going. Just like him in fact. So we Continue reading “Looking back”


There seem to be quite a few people reading this blog now. And I have a question to you all. What do you think about (excessive) styling. Particularly eyes and (mostly) eyebrows.

The photo above is a nice and non-aggressive style. While many of our fellow SBs and girls in general prefer something like: Continue reading “Styling”

Nice try

Image from pinterest

Well, dear R., it did not work. Your suggestion was nice and I hoped it was going to work, but you, men, are so worried about your bits that as soon as I tried, I was stopped on the spot.

It worked the other way though. The whole situation led to a talk and I hope I have been finally heard. No guarantees yet, but I hope he is going to change the approach.

Now will have to do the same a few more times. Maybe I get lucky elsewhere.


Most of us are here in a state of more or less complete people. We have our habits, likes and dislikes. We may even show our willingness to change or to learn something, but still it is a reflection of our finalised self.

Even I, though changing a lot, still follow the same route as I (pretty much) set in the beginning. But I am so excited by seeing people who have evolved over the time I am following them. It is like a child growing.

And I am even more glad that my writing does produce a reaction like I had last night. Keep going, love.

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