Unmasking this (and that) blog

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I just want to make things clear. There are indeed two blogs. The first one is on Tumblr: thesugarjane.tumblr.com and the second is right here at thesugarjane.wordpress.com.

Both are mine, but after some time blogging I now understand how to distinguish between the two. The Tumblr is mostly things I see on Tumblr. There is a great company there too. The WordPress, however, is a lot more personal and intimate. I only do write my own posts there and this is what I really am and what I live for.

The cross-posting is set up from WordPress to Tumblr (but not the other way round) so all you see on WP will sooner or later appear at Tumblr tagged ‘personal’. Check this tag if you are up to a more serious content.

I do love Tumblr for the pace and visual part, but I also value WordPress for the easiness of commenting, which is free and open to anyone regardless of any registration. I do read all messages, comments and questions everywhere and do my best to respond. Feel free to get in touch.

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Too public to be true

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Well, this is part of the job isn’t it? The further you get into the relations, the more personal it gets. And strangely enough it shifts to this very strange side. I thought it is just a one-off thing at first, but after having the same problem with the second man I start thinking it is a tendency.

Sex is a key point in all my sugaring experience. I have already said that. I am still waiting to see (at least) the trace of that fantastic people who never end up in bed with their SD. Yet my sexual behaviour is always very personal. I may leave likes under some BDSM photos Continue reading “Too public to be true”

The first date?

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I am not yet sure was it good or not. At least it worked and we ended up agreeing a place and a time. The evening was great, but we both felt tense probably because we both were expecting something from each other.

Since I was feeling in charge as it was my idea I tried to ask her gently about her attitude to LGBT, but she was very vague about it. Not sure if I was not trustworthy enough (well, nearly having a date seems not enough maybe) or I did something wrong… But basically I am stuck now.

What do I do now? Is it worth another try?

Artistic sugaring – part 8

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Here is the end of the story. A happy end. Relatively.

The party was fine, the bet was (hopefully) won. I had some hard time pretending not to know my barely dressed photos have been sent all over, but to his credit he never allowed any rumour or sign of it brought up.

It has been a home party, despite my worries it is going to be something out and loud. I was a secret point of attraction because I knew they will all try to check the validity of the winning method. So I was there pretending to be surprised by the attention and yet not leaking any serious plans and details. Continue reading “Artistic sugaring – part 8”

So worried…

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…like I have never been before. Girls are a lot more stressful than boys. Asking for a date when I do not know if it is acceptable at all is almost as scary as starting a new relationship.

Accepting sugaring

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The lifestyle I have is a very delicate issue for me. Whatever the time passed and whoever I talk to. This is the actual reason for having this blog and trying to talk it over. There are just a couple of trusted people who know about me sugaring in real life and it is very difficult for me to talk even with them.

Some do take my behaviour as courage, others just accept it. Some actually did not understand me and I even had to cut the strings so I lost some people. My parents are yet another important side here. But as usual my biggest problem is me. I can fool anyone, but I can never fool myself. Continue reading “Accepting sugaring”

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