Travel trouble

I have recently been asked if I want to accompany him for a trip to the continent. Generally speaking I do and I totally realize the price I am going to pay, which is fine for me in this case. But still there are some issues that made me ask for a time to think.

First is that we have just started dating. Although this is in any way non standard way of having a relationship, still this looks a bit too much of a present for me.

Second, this is not going to be a sightseeing trip (so the pic on the left is not what I am going to see), but some relatively serious activity, which I am not good at. I am afraid of having a trauma or not being a good company in it. I can, of course, just wait for him in a safe place, but he says he wants me around and claims I should be pretty good if taught a bit. I used to do some sports so I am not totally hopeless and clumsy, but I am not sure it is enough.

Third is the time trouble. Not everyone knows I am dating him (in fact almost nobody does) so I will have to explain my absence somehow. This is fine at work and with people I don’t have to see often, but how do I explain to my close ones where I am?


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