Very personal habits

There is one thing I am going to say. It does seem pretty obvious to me, but for some reason it is apparently very new to some men I see.

I do believe that a little bit of tease is always better than a total strip of yourself. In all possible meanings.

I always hide some personal me deep inside and do not let anyone, even the closest people, to touch it. I feel comfortable in this shell and it always make me feel relaxed when some shit happens. It also means that for the very same reason I will be even less open with my SD or people I meet within the same lifestyle. The only part of me really open to them is what they might need from me. The rest is mine. Solely mine.

Likewise I do like making love in lingerie. Or sometimes even in a dress. Somehow being totally naked makes me feel too exposed. And although some men like this feeling of mine, I still prefer is the other way. Plus a touch of stockings or a bra turns me on even more. Luckily I never needed to hide that. πŸ™‚

And finally dressing up is yet another thing I do find something in. I do not like to put things on when being watched (unless I do tease him or her). I’d rather turn away and only turn back nearly ready. And all this is totally regardless of what has been happening ten minutes ago. πŸ™‚

But this last thing is the toughest of all. Some cannot accept me turning away. Others immediately consider me trying to turn them on. Third are making weird conclusions of all sorts. This is probably fine with everyone except my sugar dates. So I admit: I do struggle with them. A bit, but still I do.

Anyone else has this?


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