SB advice needed

I have written to a few of you, but so far got no reply. And I do need an advice ASAP.

My new date (practically a SD) asked me to travel with him. I have read through what I could find about organizing a trip, but here we have something different and I do not know if standard procedures are applicable at all.

He asks me to do some sports with him (skiing in fact). And he is not only going standard way, but he opts for the heli to drop him to the places and so on. So he even booked a place out of the usual hotels. It is a rural village and he cannot book the house for my name. He does show the booking and everything else, including the car, the chopper and even the guide agreements, but they are all made for him and by him. The only thing that is likely to be in my name is the flight ticket.

What can I ask for? I am not scared by him in any way so far, but I am worried by the tour itself (like I’ve written above) and also by the standard precautions for traveling with the SD. Shall I ask for the money guarantees? Is it fine?


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