Home and not alone

I am always puzzled by that (strange?) feature of my man. He does like me to walk like this at home. And fairly enough he loves me wearing this teasing outfits when we do have something kinky in mind. I like it too. But when there is totally nothing planned he asks me to do the same.

At first I saw it as his possible preparations for sex. As if he still hasn’t made his mind whether to go for it or not. It may be so, but apparently it is not the case.

I have certainly asked him. ‘Well, – he says, – I just like it and you look cool’. I am glad he thinks so, but it is not very convenient to do much homework like this. 🙂

I can totally understand my SD asking me to always be sexy with him. Let us be fair, his main attraction in our dates is having sex. Not relationship, not talking, not all other bullshit. Plain sex. Whatever the sugar bowl professionals say. He invests in me being just what he wants to see.

Besides I do not cook or do anything like that for my SD. A cup of coffee doesn’t count. We only spend a few hours together and it isn’t bothering me really. So I am fine with being like that with the SD.

I am actually more of less fine with that in any situation, but I just wonder… Boys, are you not tired? Girls, am I alone?


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