Dressing up

A nice set this one. Stylish and not exposing, yet very sensual. Unlike many of those I recently see around.

I had a very strange discussion (strangely directly connected to the appearance) recently. It doesn’t really matter who with, except for the fact that this is a man, who has seen a lot and who can (and does) afford the very best he can find.

Basically what he was telling was a sad story of lost femininity. He is deeply saddened by lots of us, girls trying to match men. Not in terms of job options or salaries or election rights – this is all fine. But the way we look. There are so many girls hiding their curves, wearing shapeless gowns and men-like shoes. All this damn unisex models, unisex fashion, unisex sex…

I started to argue with him, but then all of a sudden there was a couple next to us who just proved him so right… And to be fair I was tired by being the devils advocate by then.

Of course, tastes differ. Of course each of us is free to dress whatever we find best for us. Surely it is only your business who to sleep with. But nevertheless… I do like fit men. And this is what I like. I am also falling for medium curved girls. But not for the subjects I cannot say whether a boy or a girl.

Yep, these are purely my preferences. And I will fight for these guys and girls to be able to look indistinctly from each other. It is their right.

But it was so nice to have a man who is also missing curves and lacy girly things. In fact I suppose I do have someone to support me for some time at least… Need to check him a bit more, but why not?..



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