Loving both ways

I honestly did my best to find a pic for this post, but there is nothing I can find that won’t be either offensive or very pornographic, so I’ll leave it like this. May you all have the imagination good enough to understand and to get the image you like.

I want to talk about giving and receiving oral. Not just one, but actually both. And I am not after the techniques and the rest of that.

As usual, it is always in your mind. I did find giving head very difficult at first. All these girly stories about princes and other kind of knights do not seem to encourage putting someone’s cock into your mouth. It all seemed so weird that I even refused my first BF. The second was so much more desperate to stick his dick into my mouth that he nearly forced me to blow him.

This was not at all encouraging, but having no other options, I somehow got used to this and if not finding a lot of pleasure, I could always at least feel fine about it. Slowly I changed my attitude (a lot of training involved) and what I end up with at the moment is a pretty formal approach. I know men can sell their soul for it so I do not mind fellatio, but I always try to get something from it too. It often works, actually. In any case it is a nice, clean and quick way to please a man. (Yes, I am a swallower if needed)

On the other hand I am still a bit uneasy with anyone eating my pussy. I probably am still at the stage when it seems somehow artificial and thus unnatural for my partner. Not that a lot of them ask for it, but anyway I feel uneasy (although rarely refuse). Understanding that in my mind, I am sure with some excercise I will soon be fine about lip service too.

The only question left is should it be mutual? Of course when meeting my SD I do as he prefers, that is of no question, but what about vanilla relations or even a lover? In fact, I can adjust it with my SD too (within reasonable limits, of course). So in fact the question is it worth pushing your man (we are not discussing lesbian relations here) to do oral for you in exchange?


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