A touch of simplicity

I am surprised by the actual simplicity of having men falling to your feet. It is a great tool we have which is our body and all the little tricks we use for making it absolutely perfect. Very often we do not even need the fancy stuff to be worn and done.

In fact, a lot is in the head. Their head in particular. Tell a man what he wants to hear and show him a miracle of what he wants to see and he is all yours.

I was recently sitting in a cafe with the man I needed to meet for my job purposes. He looked so restricted, so firm and so closed to everyone and everything, that he even declined to order anything at first. In fact he was feeling so uneasy, that I thought he might have a heart attack right there.

And what is even worse, I had to somehow make him do a couple of things for me. At first I thought there is no way he even listens to the end of my offer. But word after word, he literally melted down and this is all because I started asking him first. Just asking. Then talking myself. And finally a glance of naked shoulder did the trick.

He asked me if we can dine again. And I am likely to say yes…

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