Proud as hell

Now this is something I do feel so proud of! Being a nearly complete dummy, I managed to defeat my WordPress blog trouble.

After something has happened it simply stopped showing any content, staying blank forever and trying to indefinitely load something, while showing me the rotating circle.

The gurus of the support never appeared on the horizon, although I started a topic asking for help. So if nothing else works, RTFM. So I googled the whole day and found a million reasons for all this to happen. The only trouble with the answers was that it is like speaking Chinese to me. I have no idea where to ‘find the debugger’ and how to ‘edit the htaccess file’. Leave alone checks with the mods disabled and reinstalling software.

I nearly decided to throw everything out of the window ask someone smart to help, but then thought that I am a damn smart girl myself. So… I did it! Now I do know the new word, which is ‘cookies’. 🙂 Although I still have no idea what they do. 🙂


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