Plastic wrap

Will someone ever tell me why doesn’t this style disappear forever?

Plastic wrap, doesn’t feel nice (yes, I tried), doesn’t even look cool (the latter may be disputable, but still).

I do remember the end of the XX century, when a similar coats were used by the poorest people trying to get something just to cover from the rain. They’d be shocked to know their rubbish outfit is now considered fashionable.

I cannot even think about using it for teasing my men. Although yes, it is sleeky and transparent. It is just a grandma’s stuff, which should be thrown away and forgotten like the charcoal iron and apodesmos. Why not use something natural, good fitting and nice to touch.

There are, I believe, people who like very unusual things, as well as stuff that is weird and hard to deal with. There always are people like that. But the attraction to this plastic seems to have more followers than this bunch of people.

What do you find in it?


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