A glance into the future

There is often some uncertainty when you end up in bed. Surely, some men show their passion and their plans openly and you know everything as soon as you approach them.

It may be different however, when you are into that kind of relationship when you are taking the initiative. Some of them may not yet be ready when you think they are. It also happens that sometimes they do need (and expect) more from you than you have already done. And, of course, there is always an option of something going wrong with them.

In any case I do find it very useful to make sure everything is ready before becoming excessively active. There has been a trouble with that, when I assumed him to be ready while he just wasn’t yet. And as soon as he saw me ready, he was feeling that he did something wrong to not be aroused yet. It took quite a time to make him comfortable again. And I learned that lesson.

It is always nice to see a man ready for you. But I found it so important (and somehow it turned out to be a surprise for them) to check beforehand to simply have time to fix it all. Why do little of us do that? Why do men keep mentioning that as something special and rare? Isn’t it obvious?

Sure you all know what to do if they need some extra effort. So I am not going to get into this. But girls, do respect your men. Especially when they are approaching that age when it takes quite an effort from them. They do deserve your attention. And try to never show your disappointment if anything wrong happens. It is well worth the effort. 🙂


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