Owner feeling

This is the first time I got kind of angry and nearly jealous for my man. Just can’t keep it inside so sorry for the clumsy text.

I guess it is a very typical situation for many of us, but first thing needs to be said, I never felt unable to keep a man I want to keep. And second, never was I really in need to keep a man in question.

Now however the things are slightly different. I do financially depend (not fully though) on him. And although I am not in love, I simply do not want to lose my money and other benefits.

It is all so stupid really. We were at the big meeting with lots of other people. Some of them I knew before, others were strangers. And all of a sudden I do see one of the girls flirting with him. I was not sure she knew he is busy, but even after I approached she kept her attempts. And what is even more annoying, he was not letting her go. Neither I must admit he was provoking her and supporting her approach, but not stopping either.

I did ask him about that. So far he claims to only be having fun and chatting with a lovely girl.

Now I am in a weird situation. I cannot properly discuss that with him, because of our status, but neither I am going to leave that as is. Cannot be too pushy, but cannot take it as normal.

So fairly enough I am in sort of quiet war now. Fortunately I know my opponent better than she does know me and so far I have more control over the subject of the conflict.


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