Costume- and roleplay

I have just been offered a date by a POT who has a passion for roleplay. He spent ages (or so it seems) talking about that.

As far as I made it, he is mostly looking for the private sessions and is ready to pay for everything involved. Apart from that he asks for pretty irregular dates in public having nothing to do with costumes and all that stuff.

I know it is always better to talk all details at the first meeting, but to be fair I was (and still is) a bit shocked. I’ve never done that and to me it looks more of an escort or simply paid sex thing, which I am not going to get into.

So I have taken a break and some time to think it over. The guy seems quite nice and sincere. I asked why doesn’t he go for someone who likes that and he said that he tried, but ended up with girls who do not follow his plan and are too short-minded. So he is ready to opt for a longer lasting relations with higher expenses, but where things are made for him.

Pretty dodgy explanations, but according to him he is not into any kind of kinky stuff. Just some scenarios which can vary a lot albeit still having the same direction.

I am sorry if it all sounds weird. It is.

Have you ever done anything like that? What are the feelings? Is there anything else I may ask additionally? What allowance would you ask for if agree? I need some advice.


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