Jogging story

I saw a guy while I was jogging a few days ago who was looking at my back. (Or maybe butt, which is more likely. :)) He was also doing some exercise, but I think this was just an excuse to stop at that particular time and that particular place. I have never seen him around, but that is not a big deal – there always are some new people. Anyway, he did not look dangerous so I thought there is no harm if he enjoys something I am also proud of.

I saw him again yesterday. Doing the same odd movements and quietly staring at me. In fact, while I was on the move, I even saw him somewhere behind.

To be honest that scared me a bit. Maybe I am being paranoid, but that much attention is a little worrying. I do not mind being a center of attraction when I am ready and dressed for that, but not sweating and gasping at the street.

So when I saw him approaching me, I was ready to run and cry for help.

You can probably guess that since I am writing this now, I am fine, safe, not abducted and not tied in the dark basement. It turned out that he was just shy enough to come and say hello all this time. It looks like he is single and is looking to meet someone, but so far he is too shy to say that too. Although he had troubles not looking at my breast, he seems a nice guy overall. We chatted a bit and at least now I know a little bit about him.

It is a shame that he is single, but honestly if he is going to make the next move I am not going to say yes. Just not my type. Sorry. I prefer more driven men…


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