What can I do?

Girls, I am sure we all have those little secrets about what to do when a man fails.

The best thing is, of course not to push him and let him calm down. Men are so nervous about that. They need to get over it. And quite often they will easily prove that it was just an accident.

But what about us? If this is something really important, there is always an option to give him another chance. If it is a one night stand, there is not need to worry at all.

I used to have this dilemma in my first ‘relationship’. There was too much showing off involved and even youth did not always manage to fix the alcohol. Besides there were no feelings involved. We both needed each other for a status.

Anyway, I learned to take things easy. To think about myself and only then to worry about anything else. So I do not care much. There will be another day. And another time.

What do you do? Especially with your SD if there is anything wrong?


11 thoughts on “What can I do?

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      1. Men typically don’t talk about this between each other. I’ve never had the problem, and confess that it’s the opposite that’s the problem. I have a difficult time being nude in front of a woman and not having an erection. While this may seem like a good problem to have, it’s not such a wonderful thing when your primary care doctor is a woman.


        1. Certainly this needs some attention. The doctor should be able to understand that,
          The issue however is very delicate. Not having erection makes men gone wild in strange ways. So far I only know one way to deal with it, but I wonder if there is anything men would prefer.


                    1. And this man asked me why does a man get wild…
                      The only thing I know of to help is explained above. Quietness, relaxation and not pushing him. I think it is mostly a psychological problem rather than a medical condition.

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