The circle of plots

I wonder how many of those ‘new’ ideas are actually covered and re-thought old ones?

They are not necessarily stolen. They are just ‘already thought by someone else’. I can’t remember whether it was Plato who said that there are only seven plots exploited by the world literature (later proved by Jung and Booker). Borges thought there are only four of them. Polti insisted on 36.

Anyway it is all countable (and pretty small) number. Are we just going in circles using various techniques? Is this why there are rare ingenious sparks?

There are two pictures at the top of the post. The one on the left is something one of my friends reblogged. And the right one is a painting by a Russian artist Valentin Serov. I have read about it. There is a sad and tragic story about the girl behind.

Aren’t they similar? What do you think?

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