Costume play

The pic above is far not the first thing one may think of when talking about the costume- and roleplay. I find it funny so far. A nice touch of distraction and a source of fun for everyone involved.

I have not yet been really deep into the subject. Yes, there is an offer pending, but it has not yet been realized. I am kind of scared, yes.

Surely, there is always an option to figure out all details beforehand. Should anything inappropriate be involved, there is always an option to decline this fantastic offer. But I am still uneasy about talking about that. (In fact this is yet another reason to have this blog – I can speak out here and it does make things a lot easier in reality. Besides, the replies I get are really helping – thank you all.)

So being somehow pushed towards giving it a try and being pushed away I am feeling as if sitting on a swing. One day I am tempted to dive into this world, while waking up next morning I see some weird pics in my timeline and think that I am not ready yet.

Seriously thinking, I do understand that sugaring will take me much deeper than wearing kinky outfits. This will inevitably happen unless I stop sugaring at all. As of today I am not going to drop this life so I am preparing myself to feeling more relaxed about this. Well, I guess it is part of the job really…


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