There is something elusively wrong in the excessively open lingerie. I am really struggling to explain it clearly, but the main message I am trying to push through is the absence of any secret, any hidden story.

Not that I am going to hide serious things from my SD. Not within the limits our lives are connected, at least. There certainly are things he is never going to know, but as to the sexual options, he is quite likely to get the most from what I have.

It is always a very fine edge between teasing and exposing. I may well wear a very tight dress which does stress every curve I have. On the other hand, I may wear a gown covering it all. There will always be some way to show a bare foot, or to expose the neck.

Just look at the girls who have to totally cover themselves. Even they manage to play with the makeup to attract all possible attention to the only thing they can show – their eyes.

And when it comes down to the lingerie the fine line nearly disappears. The man seeing me in all that is already shocked. He can see something not everyone has access to. And it is so easy to step over at this stage.

Men are quite simple in this regard. Once they have you, they are not much interested in details. Forget those movies where a man stays dressed along with a barely dressed woman for a while. We are not talking about roleplays here. And I do believe there are exceptions to this rule. But mostly the sight of a girl in underwear is a clear sign that the victory is at hand. So all that is left is to gently (or not) take everything off and proceed.

This is the last stage when something is to be done. A very slippery situation and barely controlled, but still. And should you want to tease him or walk around having him following you like a wolf – what do you hide by crotchless lingerie?

It is great if all you think of is to make love ASAP. But other than that – think twice. 🙂


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