Leggings as a part of the dress

Honeys, what do you think of a combo like this? Leggings are cool if you are proud of your legs, but isn’t it a little over the line?

Standard way to look wearing leggings is certainly beyond my limit of looking as a decent girl, but when you play with the top and the material (leaving the shiny materials aside) it may be worth a try.

I like this particular idea simply because it is further from the ‘fuck me I am ready right now’ scheme. Yet is still leaves a vapor of sexiness, which I always go for. I suppose it is the glossy fabric that gives this more classy feeling. And the top which is not exposing at all.

However, I am very much in doubt. I feel as if too much of the legs are open and this look does offer a hint of nakedness that is too much. It is the curves that attract most, but shouldn’t they be masked more than that?


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