Am I strange?

At first I did not feel like wearing (even trying) any, but… I do find it very sexy now. There are so many modern outfits that only imitate a corset, but although they may be nice, easy to wear and loved by many men, they still leave a trace of non-authenticity, don’t they?

I am neither ashamed of my body nor I am willing to adjust the waist. But the corset gives me a damn great feeling. A queen. A woman. A perfection.

I wonder if many of you have really tried it. It may be difficult if you are trying to squeeze into it while trying to correct your shape, but when you are done isn’t it worth any effort?

The corset may take a while to lace and it may take a while to unlace and take off. This may be a trouble for some rocket-type men. In fact a corset has even been an obstacle in my relations once. But based on my experience, most men are finally so much in love with it that they keep asking me to wear it more often than I’d choose myself to.

But that is not bad really. Just helps to keep the tone.


29 thoughts on “Am I strange?

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                    1. Please don’t be offended, but I’m thinking of a most pleasurable experience in my mind – imagining you modeling corsets until you find the right one.


                    2. Sure. That is why I am often in trouble shopping. The way things look on someone is not the way I feel in the same thing.
                      As to the one above, I’d say it is plain. That’s probably the explanation. There is little for the eye to stop upon. The band on top is great, but it also hides the cleavage. And yet there are no details to pause the glance…

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                    3. It may hide the cleavage, but holds some mystery behind the fabric. I will trust your taste in this matter and wait for you to post something that appeals to you more.


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