Too much for a simple tease

Have you ever tried to do something of a kind to your man? It is often shown as a must for seducing a man, but in fact I personally do find it pretty hard to do.

Not only because it is too obvious for anyone around (should there be anyone to see that), but also because it is too simple for the man who is dreaming about taking me to the bed and too complex for the man who doesn’t.

This is often considered a gesture of showing him that she is ready. But why is this gesture needed in the first instance? There are better ways to invite him to make the next move.

I am not trying to play a nun here. I’ve done that. And I was understood exactly how I wanted to be understood. And yes, it is quite a feeling to touch him this way and to see how he gets horny in a blink. Fine. But I still prefer it the other way round. A man makes the first move even if I give him the chance to make it.


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