The feeling of power?

Now I feel it and I seem to understand it more than when I was first asked to be wearing only underwear while my man was fully dressed.

This was a normal date with the standard ending, when we ended up in the hotel and he suddenly asked me to keep the lingerie on. I thought he just wanted to have sex half naked, but apparently he did not even start to undress.

I wanted to undress him myself, but he said he just wanted to stay like this for some time. We even ordered something from the restaurant and I started to worry who is going to talk to the delivery and whether he was going to expose me like this to anyone. He took the delivery himself so I was fine about it. But he kept me walking like this for quite a while that night. And although I explained to myself that this is the way he admires me, it was still some very strange experience which in fact had no reasonable explanation.

I kind of got used to it now. No questions asked. If he wants it this way and pays for it – why not show the body I am proud of… Anyway I get what I need and he gets what he wants. It never ends up without sex so I take this as some kind of foreplay.


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  1. Once the woman has shed her clothing, I interpret her lingerie for an invitation to begin the dance. As much as I would admire you in your underwear, I believe that the admiration would quickly escalate to other activities.

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                    1. The only real dom situation I had was in the two part post that you’ve read. The other one that came close was the house party. I suppose it can be inferred that I was being dominated. Or at least exploited.


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