Artistic sugaring

Am I attracting strange people?

I have been called by a man who asked to talk about an unusual request. I got very tense at first, but he sounded very calm and reliable so I arranged a date (as usual, very public and with no obligations).

We ended up in a very posh place and the guy seemed nice as hell until he explained what is he looking for. Apparently there is a bet that a classy girl falls in love with him. Strangely all his fair attempts ended up with a blow so he wants to cheat.

He asks me to play his girlfriend. To have a few dates out, to spend some time together for him to have some proofs. And then finally to come to his party to show to his friends.

I am actually going to say no. This is not really my niche. And I cannot figure why exactly. There is nothing dangerous so far. There is even little talk about sex. No need to meet up his family (which I definitely don’t want to do). The guy is nice and quite attractive… And he is ready to talk about a substantial allowance for this play. Considering what I received for the first date he is a very good option.

What do you think? Any comments are very welcome.


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