Image by carnevalia@tumblr

A threesome is an interesting experience I must admit. I never tried having another girl in it so far, but having two men next and upright is something special.

I should probably come back to this later on, but I am occupied with something else at the moment.

There are people who like to have their woman shagged in front of them. I have not met any yet, but I wonder what lies behind the pleasure?

There are many kinky things I do not like myself but I still can understand. More or less at least. I will be the last one to blame anyone for anything. All I want is some understanding for myself.

It is probably pointless to ask if there are any cuckolds here. If there are – drop me a line (you are welcome to use private and confidential messaging at Tumblr to stay anonymous if you wish).

What about psychologists? Anyone around? Can you explain?


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