The scent of the adventure

Hey kewpies, have I already pissed you off by slowly turning the blog into a sexopedia and a extra edition of the kinky magazines? Yup, sorry. I feel so as well. Can’t promise to stop that rubbish, but certainly going for a break.

Just wanted to tell you all that I am quite sensitive to any scents. Particularly when I have a headache. But other times too. Having a nose for that is a real trouble sometimes. I even judge men upon their scent. Sure, stopping here. I promised. 🙂

I also cook sometimes. Not to say I am great, but I do manage a few things not to burn immediately. My favourite is chicken. Not only because of the taste (a beef is better), but because it is pretty simple and… because I smell curry afterwards.

Neven been to India so far, but apart from the fact that I like the bouquet when I bring some curry to my face, I am out of my mind by the associations. I think I can understand those who paid fortunes for the spices a couple of centuries ago.


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