Private time

I would really love to discuss this with the fellow SBs. Any suggestion on the subject?

There is some kind of a tension for me to be with my SD alone. It is not a strong feeling and I do not have any problems with that, but it is as if there is some understatement, something that should be done and yet it is not… Surely, it all never spills out: my goal is to make him as comfortable as possible. And I do think I am pretty good at this.

Still I feel uneasy. Pretending to be a soulmate feels like cheating. Playing a horny lover is not always suitable. Claiming to be a housewife is not what my SD wants. Not mentioning him at all and paying all attention to myself will definitely end the whole story.

So lovelies, what do you do if your date lasts longer than a restaurant and you end up staying somewhere together?

I tend to believe that the main reason for him to have me nearby privately is sex. Sure, there is a lot of interaction and conversations involved, but all this can be done in public and there is no need to go anywhere. So I am always checking for the start of the game. Most of the times I am right. At other times I am being cute and attentive, making him as comfortable as possible. But is that right? Am I missing something?


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