Extra tease for extra cash

Feeling very much in doubt now. It is the first time I failed like this, but I am still not sure what to do, except for having a good laugh.

I have fallen for an amazing dress recently. Just a pretty spontaneous buy in fact. I just saw it and got it on the spot. I am sure you know how this happens.

But it turns out I can’t properly wear it. My nipples show too much through the fabric. đŸ™‚ You should say I had to try it before. I did, but I was wearing a bra and although I noticed that the bra shows through, I did not really think about anything else. Just though I’ll think of something.

I surely can hide nipples, but I am so amazed they stick so hard. Never had that with any other dress.

Now I can also set it as a very personal home dress for very special people, but I can’t stop thinking if I can wear it publicly without possibly being misunderstood.


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