Lingerie habits

This would be a strange post about things I recently changed my mind about and which I am still struggling with. It is about lingerie. And it is about this particular type of lingerie men find sexy and attracting.

I do not think there is any girl who would not like to feel desired and admired. Be it by a man or a woman. I do not have much experience teasing girls. What I found so far is that they do value something else and not put the appearance first. But I may be wrong here.

Men are different. They seem to like fancy stuff which I sometimes find very strange to wear. But feeling strange is one thing, feeling uncomfortable is another. It took me quite a time to figure out that most of the lingerie I did not like was because of the bad fit (and possibly the bad make). You are not likely to find lace bras comfortable until you could afford quality items from Myla. You won’t like strings until you could afford Pleasurements. You will never like garter belts before you get one from AP.

And here we only talk about very basic things like bras and panties. There is a whole set of bodies and catsuits which I never thought of before I started sugaring. They are yet another thing to talk about, but I’d rather leave that for now.

I have never been the type of person likely to expose myself. So I did struggle quite a lot when I found that my body is a special interest now. Wearing lacy bras is cool and very efficient, having the panties disappear between my buttocks works just perfect, yet it is so unusual to exploit such private features for ‘business’ reasons.


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    1. Most of the time yes. At least I found that I have a lot more chances to feel comfortable wearing a decent makes. However I did have an unpleasant experience with a AP bra. The funny thing is that the knickers from the same set were fine, but the bra wasn’t.


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