Being artistic… Playing love

There is a whole set of strange things happening around. I wonder if it is just me attracting this or you all have something of a kind. I have not seen anything of a kind before. Instead of thinking of myself as of a weirdo I take it as great minds thinking alike. 🙂 Yet they are weird and I am just great (and a princess, of course).

I have been contacted by a man who wants me to play his GF. Yeah, I know I have already tortured you all with that. But it still is bothering me and thanks to your messages I am feeling much better now.

There is a whole long (relatively reasonable) story behind this, but I am in doubt. Sounds quite strange to me. The guy seems to be Ok now, but the idea looks dodgy. I have declined the offer so far, but I wonder now if it may not be as bad as I imagined it to be. I even think it is mostly about formal approach rather than playing a real GF…

I am very much used to paying attention to my feelings. That is exactly what I did when I said no at first. After I chilled out and thought about all that the whole idea does not look as bizarre as it seemed at first. My inclination is slowly changing now and I am as worried about this as I was before. Maybe it is my mood making these swings, but what should I really do?

Anyone ever tried something if a kind? What do you think?


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