Being a SB. So far so good…

I am not entirely sure this is what I meant when I first thought about sugaring. It is somehow difficult to remember now.

I did understand that there will be some exchange of the interests involved. And although many people have said that sugaring is not purely exchanging sex for money or that it is about company more than anything, I still do not find it exactly this way.

Maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe I am dating wrong people. Maybe whatever else, but I do find that having sex is an integral part of my sugaring. There may be different stories, but alas, I am having this. Shameful it is or not, but I do add my body to being a lovely companion.

I do have a very strong feeling about doing so. I will be totally wrong if I say that I do not care. I do. A lot.

But I did understand that this is very likely to happen should I dive into the sugar bowl. So it was not a shock when I had to undress and show myself to my SD. I was not finally shocked to have sex with him.

It is a very unusual feeling when a man I am not in love with takes me to bed. It is not the same as feeling excited about someone you love. It is some technical way of being horny. It is artificial excitement. But with all that in mind, it is also natural at the background. I do not feel any repulsion giving them oral. I am genuinely aroused sitting on top. This must be natural (leave alone the way it is achieved). Otherwise it easily spills out and gets noticed. I have made this mistake and been caught. Bad actresses do not survive here.

Wearing kinky stuff is only a part of the game. I should write about that later. The most difficult part for me is that fine line between understanding that I will act as he asks anyway, but at the same time making this surrender look natural. As soon as we leave the restaurant, we both know that we will end up having sex, but we both act as if it is not obvious and still needs some effort.

Neither he wants me to behave like a prostitute nor I want to take cash and get laid. It turns into a game when he has a lot more chances than an average man to catch the prey any average man won’t even think about hunting. Here he gets a lot more cuts to try again if anything goes wrong, a lot more opportunities for something not to be noticed and so on. All that eventually making the game a lot easier to win than to lose.

That is how I take it. A game where one part is eager to surrender for some kind of a bribe. Everyone is happy. Win-win, business-like speaking.


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