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Lovelies, may I ask you again? This is something to talk about, but quietly and out of men company.

I have never asked anyone to do an intimate haircut for me, but apparently it seems to have a high demand. Quite a few friends of mine admitted to regularly use the option. I started to enquire after the usual slumber party at my place took a twist one day and the three of us switched from meaningless stuff to men. We had too much wine that night and went a bit further than usually. I am not a hypocrite, you know, but this discussion proved me to be an extreme old-fashionist.

Simplicity has always been my motto in such things. So I never thought about doing anything complex below the line. A simple strip has long been my favourite. One of my SDs asked for a clean and bare set so I switched to the simplest of options.

Yet there are funny shapes (predictable), crystals (erm), even artistic installations (god, no!). Fair enough, you can do anything you like. Impressing your man to nearly a heart attack is just fine for some. If an artist cannot find a better place to express himself this is fine too. But some extend it to their daily life. This is where I am out.

I can consider a set of Swarovsky crystals outlining the secret chamber. I can think of at least one man to go nuts. But this is certainly a one-off thing for me.

Is it any different for you? Any suggestions? Anyone tried?


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