Breaking in

Strange as it may seem in my position I do not like strangers treating me as a sexual object or even slipping to nearly sexual topics in conversation that would otherwise be purely friendly.

My personal (and intimate) life is purely my concern. Sometimes I do invite people into it, but not everyone and certainly not because I like the way you are making kinky jokes.

This does not mean that I am never willing to discuss anything at all. There are a few options when I may even initiate the discussion myself. The first obvious case is meeting my SDs. They are obviously entitled to have full details. Even meeting with a POT is very likely to have some freedom in conversation and should everything else be fine I will switch to the sexual side myself. It is always better to make things clear from the start.

But hey, you are not my lover, not my SD and not even a POT. In fact you are never going to be one. Even if I am not entirely comfortable talking to them about these issues I do understand why I should calm down – they have come to me to feel comfortable the way they prefer and they are compensating me for the embarrassment generously. You do not. So why do you think I should enjoy talking about my butt and joking about my intimate haircut?

I also have a few online contacts. Some of you I know better, others are just passers-by. Some of you I know in person, others have just read my blog. And I am only willing to discuss things with those I am comfortable with. Should you see ‘sorry, I am not interested’ – accept it and stop calling me names. Jack off and pass by.

I had to be very rude a few times in my life and seriously I do not like it. But I had no other option when after a few gentle refusals and replies that I am not interested I still had a man insisting on checking if I forgot my knickers. I am a very polite girl and try to always be as kind as possible and not to hurt people. Every time someone tries to guess what is my breast size I feel shocked and gently explain that it is none of their business.

There are two ways I can deal with that. Put it off with a jest (trying to be as little flirty as I possibly can) or being rude. Neither option is my favourite. I do not understand why do some people find it normal to ask about something so intimate. The worst thing is that most do not understand how inappropriate they behave. You cannot ask them the same inappropriate question simply because they are going to take take it as a flirt and even a foreplay. I tried to mirror the question about the lingerie I prefer. All I got was an immediate suggestion to show.

No, dammit, I am not looking forward to sleep with every person on my way. And I am not at all willing to discuss the colour of my knickers with anyone not at all likely to even see them.

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    1. Internet is not as stressful as real life. There is always an option to delete the offensive comment or not reply. Besides Internet allows some degree of anonymity – say I’d never reveal 90% of what is written in this blog to anyone in real life.


        1. It is still kind of possible. You just stop dealing with these people. Stop talking to them. Stop replying…
          The scale of their intrusion is greater though. Internet people are easier to forget about.

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