Non-sexual dates by SB

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There is a very popular misunderstanding about sugaring. A lot of outsiders only take it as a sexual experience. In fact it does involve sex in most cases, but there are no rules without exceptions. And once in a while sugaring does not end up in bed.

There are some reasons why there may be no sex involved. I am not talking about incompatibility or lack of attraction. There will be no sex at all then. I mean dates with men which will, could be or were involving intimacy, but just not this time.

The first and most simple case is the first date. I never go to action on the first date. First, because it is not safe, second, because sex is a sort of the prize, third, because I want to be treated properly and not as a sex worker. Mainly – because I do not like it and can afford it on the first date.

Another reason for a platonic date is the lack of time. Yes, there is always a quickie option, but sometimes there is more in the relationship than the straightforward lack of sex so the date ends up with a pleasant chat over a meal or even a coffee. I tend to support such dates, although they often are a loss of time. I believe that they bond us better and my SD will think about me on a wider scope than just someone with a nice body and boobs.

There also are long sexless dates however. At first I found those quite strange and was constantly waiting for the switch of the behavior. Yet these things do happen from time to time.

Sometimes my SD just wants a listener (and I am damn good at this). There were times when he just wanted to talk so desperately that he woke me up. And more often than not, I got up and met him. Yes, in the middle of the night. And yes, this was quite rewarding.

Sometimes he is not in the proper mood. Some other times haggard. The latter may turn into a massage or a relaxing bath session, but may also not. And even the bath proved to not always lead to an intercourse.

A few times the plans changed on the spot. Either because we moved elsewhere or the mood changed. This is weird, but once my man said that I was too lovely to put his cock between my lips. He later did anyway, but that is another story.

Yes, miracles happen. And the date is not always a foreplay. But just like any miracle it does not happen on a daily basis. 🙂


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