Artistic sugaring. Part 3

As some of you might have noticed, I have recently been invited into a very strange kind of sugaring. Or maybe it cannot be called sugaring at all, but something else. Anyway, I am strange, you know that already. 😉

A man I met asked me to act as his girlfriend. I did not really understand what he meant and most of all I was not going to meet his parents or anything like that. Playing whatever with one particular man is fine – be it a nurse, a maid or a girlfriend. We all do that sooner or later and sugaring is a great school of pretending.

I made that he needed me as a proof of his masculinity and success.

It turned out there was a bet that he can make a classy girl fall in love with him. His attempts to get a fair win failed and he could not think of anyone else. So he thought about cheating. Since he could not ask anyone already known to be as escort, he looked elsewhere. And finally got in touch with me.

At first I said I am not interested. This is really not my profile. He was convincing (and let me be fair, quite generous) for what seemed to be an easy walk. Basically we met a couple of times and now the offer is an allowance for the whole time regardless of the result. He wants a few dates in public and finally my presence at the party with his friends.

The latter is my greatest concern. I do not mind private dates, but this was a little stressful. Sounded like danger. He claimed it to be just a formal going out as a couple to prove we are a couple.

I even asked about sex. Well, I have never done that before so I thought it is better to ask a stupid question first and to make things clear in the very beginning. It is not his main concern, but he is willing to pay extra if we both (!) feel like it. Strange guy. 🙂

Well, why am I writing all that? Basically to say I have just agreed…


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