Private dance

‘Private dance’ by Jack Vettriano

Please someone tell me why does she think that as long as she can take some clothes off and bend a couple of times, she can immediately be considered a dancer?

I had a very sad experience recently. Thought about forgetting it, but it just won’t leave my head.

Private (and quite weird) party. A nice girl was trying to get some extra attention from men around by pretending (sorry, I can’t have any better word for that) to be dancing for them. Gosh, please no. I felt ashamed myself.

Girls, a dance is nearly an art. It is not something you’d do unprepared. It is a lot more than showing your curves to a shocked man.

Try it at home. Get some advice and guidance. And if you have it, go for a dance. Better with a pole and in the proper place. All these pathetic attempts to make it unprepared are so lousy. Your man may be gentle enough to not show his shock, but in most cases he simply doesn’t know how to take what he sees. And this is not the kind of shock you are after.

Please girls, please!


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