Sexual dates (as opposed to the above)

Sugaring as it is seems to be a very controversial lifestyle for me. Like all of us I do love being admired and treated as a goddess, but on the other hand being a SB makes me do things I would not even think of as appropriate.

Be it fair or not, my sugaring experience does involve sex. I have heard of the platonic relationship stories, but they seem to be… kind of exaggerated to speak mildly. Yes, there are non-sexual dates. A nicely spent time and nothing more. But they cannot be taken separately from the rest. Most of the dates do mean having sex in some way. Be it oral or classic, long or a quickie… Whatever. They do. Period.

I have never thought about sleeping with a man who I do not adore when I was younger. Prince charming was the one and only suitable candidate for sharing myself with. Things have evolved since then. Now I can settle to the man who is less noble. But still anyway there must be something between us. There is no way I will fall for a rude, dirty or generally unpleasant man. Whatever he earns and is ready to spend. This is why the very first date (and maybe more) is always at a very public place and there is nothing kinky (or sexy of any sort) included. Besides, he is very welcome not to like me as much as I may not like him. No obligations, except for him paying for us (which is not strict though – there has been a couple of times I paid myself, but it never ended in a relationship).

Should there be a click between us, there are little stops left. So by the third date (more or less around that) I may well end up in the hotel room.

I was (and deeply inside still is) shy. But this is that part of sugaring that I can’t avoid. And secretly speaking I like this feeling. I do still feel that showing my body as a glance of mystery. The advantage this man receives. The prize he won… This is partly the reason why I do not like to walk around totally naked and also like to keep something on for the sexual part. The stockings are best: teasing and yet not obstructing.

Mind you, there is always something left untold and not done. Particularly in bed. I try not to express everything immediately and to keep some surprises for the later dates. But we both understand that I am ready to give him everything. I think this is a very attractive thing for a man – to understand that a girl is ready to support him in everything he can think of.

There may be things I am not eager to try. Like butt plugs for example. I always reserve the option to try to talk him out of it. There are chances it won’t work though. And in this case… Well… I agree. As long as it doesn’t lead to any serious consequences, of course. I take it as part of the game.

So cutting the story short, I usually do end up in bed with my SD. And I clearly state that this is an option in the first instance. There are no under-sayings there. Some dates may not involve intimacy, but most do and my man is very likely to get all he wants from me. Regardless of my personal attitude to that – he will be sure that I like everything as much as he does. Sounds pretty simple, huh?


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