My online mode

Image by abduction@tumblr

This is so very me… I know it is bad for my eyes and probably for everything else, but I can’t stop it.

I do play sometimes. I do chat and have fun too. It really depends on who is on the other side. And having said that, I even had a kinky chat when my man was sleeping next to me. With little links between the online mes, I do not expect any of my mates to see this blog, but if you ever do, then yes, what I say is true. And yes, I did make a blowjob to sleeping him after being aroused too much by an online chat.

Most of the time it is not that extreme though. I am glad if you find it cool, but it is mostly a game for me. I am not planning to meet you and I am not looking for any adventures from the net. All my life is in reality, not on the screen…


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