Butts and panties

Photo from dianassexyfetish@tumblr

An illustrated explanation of a girly overnight talk about butts (censored).

There is a very common misunderstanding that men are too simple to mention anything but a bare skin. I may also need to excuse for possibly involuntary creating an impression like this.

Everything below is surely no more than a personal opinion so I am ready to accept the alternative views.

There is a deep story behind the post – I shall explain it later, but basically this is an outcome of the night-long drinking and discussion of butts. 🙂

What I was trying to explain is that there is a match between the hips and the undies. Stress your strengths, as always. If you have a curvy butt – show it. If you don’t – make it look just right.

Surely, if you’ve got the right butt, everything is damn easy. You can even look amazing with a lot of fabric below the waist.

Most men will really fall for the bare skin. The more the better

But do not rely on just showing the flesh.

If your hips are not as curvy as you want – stress the buttocks:

Or use the contrast to enhance what you’ve got.

And on the contrary try not to fit your treasure into the fabric. Be proud!

BUT! Everything is good until it gets too far.

And never forget about the sizing

And the proper cover-up

Trust me, you are not after those who fall for it.

Am I being too peevish here? This is far not everything we had on mind, but I guess we all need a break.


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