Girl talks: butts

A friend of mine popped in a few days ago with a bottle of wine and a totally destroyed mind. Not that I was looking for it (given the plans for the next morning) but she really needed someone to talk to. And alas! Here was I. An attender and a soulmate to weep things out to.

She is a lovely girl with a terrible mess in her pretty head. I know her for quite a while and she is always getting herself in trouble. Particularly with her men. They fall for her like a moth to the light, but all of a sudden find themselves in the midst of a emotional debris. Some disappear, some try to help, but none survived long enough so far.

Cutting a long story she is in trouble again. A fantastic match, the love of her life, the prince charming is gone. Or so it seems.

Oddly enough, her main trouble is not the fact that he is gone, but what he said and what proved to be a reason for her rage (reasonable though). He said he doesn’t like her butt the way it looks in the undies. So upset she was that we ended up with a demonstration and then a search on the net.

I am not particularly excited by what she wears to be fair. Curvy hips combined with a tiny strips is not always great. Tried to explain, but not sure she got it right. There is a whole set of things to bear in mind as I understand it, which is why I have written a separate post above.

As to her, well… Having a lovely girl demonstrating her buns ended in comforting her the best way I could think of, but a very difficult morning. But it has been a great night with lots of buttocks investigated.



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