Like most people of my age I am still a little terrified by the dentists. Not by the pain itself, but the inability to see when something is touching me. The same happens with some sexual positions and that also makes me try to avoid them.

Anyway, I have just figured out that I need to visit a dentist. Nothing terribly wrong, but I’d better go than make things worse (I believe). So it took me hell of a bravery to give them a call and to arrange the meeting.

Basically I have a few days to scare myself to death before I get over this. Please hold my hand someone…


6 thoughts on “Overcoming

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  1. Gladly. πŸ™‚ I have an aversion to people sticking sharp and dangerous objects into my mouth and I’m never comfortable going to the dentist. A necessary evil? Yes Am I brave about it? No.

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