Beautiful dentist

First of all, thank you for your support. Yes. I am alive and can even speak. I am generally intact. I do smile and have already grabbed an ice cream to reward myself. This was fun because of my cheek (see below), but I couldn’t resist. Even despite that the doctor said I’d better have something warm to ease the anaesthesia.

Since this blog is mostly the place where I do reveal myself, here is another story that has not even ended yet.

Yep, I have just came back from the dentist. ‘Just now’ here stands for the fact that I barely feel my right cheek still. So the story is smoking hot. In all possible means.

I obviously had nothing to do while laying there and staring at the ceiling. Oh, there was a little scratch on the dental light as well, but I started to be damn busy with something else.

The doctor who was treating me had such a beautiful eyes that I could not look anywhere else. I know it is unpolite so I tried to move my sight elsewhere or even close my eyes. But nah! I couldn’t keep it away for long. All I could see were her brilliantΒ  fine eyes. I suspect she has some Asian ancestors, because I could simply dive into her eyes and never get out.

I do not know what to do now. Not that I’ve fallen in love, but I agreed on another session in a few days…



12 thoughts on “Beautiful dentist

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    1. Thank you for the support. πŸ™‚
      Well, she has this unusual type of beauty: breathtaking under the mask and yet very different without.
      I am tempted, yes, but as long as she still is a potential danger – I am also scared.

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