The best photos…

…have recently come from the most unexpected sources.

Who could ever think that I will enjoy BDSM accounts for photos?.. Not all of them, of course. I am not excited by stretched legs and tight bonded bodies at all. But some other photos are so unexpectedly lush.

There are a lot of beautiful girls involved. Most of them are only models and this is why I like them knowing that they only play these games. I am loving girls in many ways so I am inspired too.

I have always thought that BDSM is rough and harsh. It turns out things may be quite different. In fact I have seen a few things that I’d never expect to see.

Sometimes there is just a simple point of attraction. A tiny detail that makes my mind twist and shout. Something I like or would like to try.

Other times there is something that does excite me and although I am not entirely into this, I believe I may try something of a kind one day.

Sometimes there is something I do not dare to try yet. But who knows…

Oh yes, I am following so many of such accounts now. My parents will be scared to death and I am afraid my men will want to try something of a kind if they ever find this. Sh-h-h-h-h!


4 thoughts on “The best photos…

Add yours

    1. Thanks. I am not yet brave enough to let these desires slip out, but the photos do sometimes make me think of something.
      There always are loads of dull and stupid pics all around, but once you open your mind to something you have not thought of before it drastically expands your horizons…

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        1. Sure. There is no point in jumping into the deep end without thinking first. All I mean is that it makes you think of something that has not crossed your mind before. Then you are welcome to judge for yourself.

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