Eye contact

At first I thought this should be a girls only question, but in fact it is much wider than that. Making an eye contact is vital in many cases, but I am not much interested in business ethics.

In my life there were basically two parties without intermediates. Most people I met were not particularly fond of eye contact. Yet one of my SDs is extremely excited by seeing my eyes. It was fine while we kissed (more or less), but then having him inside and yet looking into his eyes was strange. I am more of a moaner so I’d rather bend and twist and close my eyes. He asked me not to.

And then he asks me to look at him while giving head. This is indeed the most awkward thing I have done. I do not know how the porn actresses manage to do that, but for me it is such a bizarre thing to do…

I have to open my eyes way too wide to feel comfortable. It is kind of fine when I only have the tip in, but then it really turns into a problem. The eye contact is exciting in the very beginning, when I feel that he is in my power, although I am kneeled.

What about you? Do you prefer to look into his eyes? When? Oh, and definitely get in touch if you managed to be comfortable when he is almost all in. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Eye contact

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  1. That’s an interesting request. First of all, it has to be an eye strain! Anyway, I do like to lock eyes at the moment of orgasm. I find it to be very stimulating.


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