Waiting time

I bet many of you have been there. Everything sorted and arranged, you are trying to do your best and to appear as a shining star, but… Nobody is there.

I am usually quite tolerant to people, but this is a rare case when I ignite on the spot. There are little things a man can do worse than being late. I can even forgive his failure in bed, but I do get crazy when he is late.

This does happen occasionally and it really depends on who am I trying to see. If I do not know the person he is very likely to see a disappointed text and an empty table. If this is a business arrangement, I behave, but he will have to sacrifice a lot to get me in the mood again (and trust me I am pretty good in this). And if this is my SD (yes, they are late sometimes), then it also takes him quite an effort to get the day back. Oh and there has been a couple of hopeless POTs who do not even deserve to be noticed.

Basically if you want to piss me off in a split second – be late for that split second. But do face the consequences. I once got nearly a monthly allowance to calm down. But hey, I do not think I was a tiny bit wrong.


4 thoughts on “Waiting time

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  1. I think that being late is an overt sign of disrespect, regardless of the circumstance. Every effort ought to be made to be on time. And, on the rare occasion that something interferes with that, a call to let the person know that they are going to be delayed.


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