Too much for the allowance

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It has proved to be a very kinky discussion. There is something I want so desperately that I am nearly ready to give anything for it.

Yet it exceeds my allowance substantially. So I tried to talk my SD into being extremely generous for me. Damn, I hate these talks. It sounds as if I am asking for something I am not entitled for.

It started as bad as it possibly could. All went wrong and I nearly felt as if it is better to drop the idea on the spot. But who am I to deprive myself of a dream?.. I slowed down and took time. And this proved to be the key.

I am sure that should I have asked directly I would have been turned down. But after some quiet and easy time we both relaxed and I finally managed to exchange two months allowance for what I needed.

Hurrah! 🙂

Meanwhile I wonder how do you get through these talks? Any suggestions?


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