Private corner


Photo from buzzfeed

There is something that I do keep well guarded from all possible intruders. However passionate he is and whatever our feelings are I still have my own corner where no men are allowed: my make-up table.

This is my private time and even my SDs are strongly advised (how smart they are to listen to that) to not disturb me there.


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                    1. To be befriended by an immortal is humbling, and that this immortal is sensual is even more so. Which ties into my fantasy. I assume that, you as a vampire, are Eastern European. Perhaps you have even descended from the Carpathian Mountains. Your power of seduction is limitless, and you shall not be denied your lifeforce.

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                    2. I would imagine a vampiress has limitless time. You wouldn’t want me to get straight to the gnashing of teeth and limbs intertwined in a carnal frenzy, would you?


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