All in

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There are times when lust overpowers me. This does not happen very often while I am with my SD, but a good thing is that there is also someone for my mind and body rather than for my wallet.

So yes, I do have a man for myself. He is not my soulmate, but he is damn good in sex. And what is more important we do expect the same from each other. He is not expecting me to bring my stuff to his place and I am not expecting a proposal. We both are just great the way we are. We do not expect fealty, but we both rely on being clean. None of us is also afraid of doing weird things, so whenever I try handcuffs and gags, I know who will be the first to see it.

Last time we met as usual and quickly got to action. Believe it or not, but it was my first time on top while he is standing. And girls, this is so cool. So deep and so exciting. I could not understand why I’ve not tried it before.

What is your favourite position? Maybe I missed something else?


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          1. Completely filled is an excellent description. I don’t think that I’ve penetrated so much as in this position. However, a close second would be by being on top with her legs elevated near or on my shoulders.


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