From failure to…

Having complained about the mess on the last date I was eagerly waiting for him to compensate me for that. There is little he can do about the ankle (thankfully it is not as bad as I thought), but the rest needs to be dealt with.

I hope he took this time to get out of shock. But why else did it take 2 days to get in touch.

Now there is a nice offer on a table. Four digit transfer, a pair of replacement heels (he is even ready to shop with me – I am afraid he would go for something I won’t be able to climb on), a golden necklace (I saw it and I like it) and a driver until I am fine.

The only problem is that he does not know where to send the driver. I have never given him my address. So I presume I should take a taxi to some agreed place and then get into his car.

What do you think?


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