Stupid me

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Some say men do lose their mind after a great sex. A disputable statement, but I have lost my memory as of the make of the vibrator I saw. Like I said I’ve been invited to join my SD and we flew out which seemed to be for the weekend and ended up by more than a week. I did have some spare time there so I browsed a couple of sexshops.

They seem to had a promotion or a new release there. There was a stand with such a beautiful ones shown. Velvet feel and stainless steel controls, wonderfully shaped and so excitingly inspirational… I seem to have spent ages there. The manager even thought I needed help and walked around even after I said I am fine.

But sadly I could not buy one for myself there. My SD is kind of overenthusiastic about these things so I decided not to tease him before I check it myself. So I thought I’d remember the make and quietly order it later. And now I have forgotten it.

I’ve already googled it and even checked the store website. Pointless. I do only remember it is a *.net domain and is either six or seven letters in the name with (?) the T there…

Any Parisians reading this?


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              1. I assume that English isn’t your primary language, based on a prior comment. That being said, I would not have detected that from our conversations. So it is I that has the tiny linguistic brain, not you.

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                1. Basically you are right: it is not. Although thanks for the grade given. I am proud.
                  It took quite an effort to climb to this level so it is (hopefully) not a very visible flaw now. I bet some of my companions are deluded the same way as you are despite me still struggling with the articles sometimes. 🙂

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