Girly talks

Here I am again being a shoulder to cry on.

There is a whole set of obvious stories which none of us ever thinks about being a part of and then all of a sudden finding ourselves in the middle of. Yeah, a complex expression, but I am a little drunk now so I feel it is Ok.

Anyway, yeah, I am here again and I am feeling like a psychologist once more. Fortunately, this shit is not happening with me. All I can do is to listen and nod sympathetically.

Seriously speaking, if it was happening with me, I’d have a row and possibly even beat someone. So you are now reading the blog of a potentially abusive and mad aggressor. But hey, I am only a listener so all I have is wine and a pissed friend of mine sitting across the table.

She is complaining about her husband for a while now. But still eating the same shit. She grew up in the middle of nowhere and all she had was a pretty face and an immense desire to run away. So when she met him, who seemed to be intelligent, perspective and willing to take her away (apart from being a prince charming, of course) she did her best to get hold of the guy.

He turned out to be somewhat different as usual. Either taking everything as granted or claiming to have done too much for her (not sure yet) he is treating her like his property. He is cheating on her (she even caught him a few times already), he is abusing her (verbally so far, but isn’t it enough) and four times out of five when we meet, she is complaining.

She is afraid of divorcing him. She is scared to not be able to find what to do, where to work and where to live. She seems to be so unhappy, but still doing nothing.

I personally do not understand that. Fine, forget about cheating – this is personal. Some of my men are married too so who am I to complain about cheating. But his behaviour is so wild! I won’t be able to stand this for a second. He’d be out in a jit. Leave alone the police.

It is so not worth any tolerance that I even suggested her to stay with me. Can’t offer any job, but between us she’ll be fine anyway. But she can not take it. She is too shy to stand against it and too scared to drop it.

That is what I do not understand… Stupid me! (Again?)


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